POLISHANGEL® | Waffle machine pad

POLISHANGEL® | Waffle machine pad

Modern ceramic coatings encapsulate with minimal heat generation, the pores, affecting, in turn, very time consuming and error on the polishing result.
These new polymer Waffle Foam technology leads to reduction of the contact surface, thus leading to a reduction in heat generation.


  • Design Premium High-Quality Pad
  • Professional Velcro EP even after hundreds washes securely holds the pad on the machine
  • The dense multi-pore technology guarantees a possible slow absorption of the product into the pad
  • More efficient functioning
  • improve DC Large pores targeted application, since the product is released evenly
  • The pad's can be washed at 60 ° by hand or machine and can be reused several times.

Note: Always start with low speeds. Always check the surface and the results obtained
Tip: Always use the clean and matching towels to dry polishing, sealingand wash layers.

Thickness: 30mm

For rotary only