• ✓ NEW FORMULA with Active Foam for better cleaning and water spot removal!
  • ✓ Effective on paint, glass, aluminum, vinyl and plastics 
  • ✓ No water stains, thanks hydrogener cleaning components 
  • ✓ The fastest car wash in the world in just 10 minutes! 
  • ✓ Perfect drying aid to any wash!

SPRAYDUSTER ACTIVE was created to clean and detail show cars. As cars sit in a garaged or showroom environment, they will collect dust, hair, and fibres that need to be wiped off. Traditional quick detail sprays are typically used, but in many occurrences, lack the ability to lift the dust away from the paint without inducing surface marring as they rely on slickness alone. SPRAYDUSTER ACTIVE was recently updated to a new formula with Active Foam, which boost both cleaning and water spot removal properties while also increasing protection!


  1. Spray onto desired surface
  2. Wipe and spread product around using a plush microfiber
  3. Flip towel and buff to clear shine