MINT+ | wheel cleaner
MINT+ | wheel cleaner
MINT+ | wheel cleaner

MINT+ | wheel cleaner

✓ Wheel Cleaner

✓ Suitable for all types of wheel surfaces

✓ Contains no damaging chemicals

✓ Environmentally friendly cleaning extracts

✓ Easily removes brake dust, oxidation, oil, dirt, and rust - no scrubbing or scratching

✓ Contains iron removing agents to aid in brake dust removal

✓ Additional carnauba boosters for added sheen after cleaning

MINT+ wheel cleaner gently and effectively removes brake dust and other dirt particles from the wheel's surface. This wheel cleaner uses the latest cleaning technology without damaging chemical ingredients. 


1. Pre-wash wheel removing as much dirt as possible with hose or power wash

2. Mist entire wheel with product

3. Allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes, then work product into stubborn areas with a wheel brush if necessary

4. Rinse product off thoroughly 

5. Dry off with microfibre cloth