CONTOUR | Pre-Wax Cleaner

CONTOUR | Pre-Wax Cleaner

✓ Pre-Wax cleansing treatment for our Carnaubaflockencreme™ waxes

✓ Worldwide unique paint cleaner equipped with our Carnaubaflockencreme™

✓ No residue on plastic surfaces

✓ Removes water spots

✓ Ideal for in between

✓ Extremely fast to process

✓ Enhanced colour flakes for a more defined fiery finish

✓ Apply sparingly, incorporate and then polish

✓ Dust-free process

✓ Removes weather damage

✓ Removes light scratches, tar, resin, dirt road

✓ Processed by machine or hand

✓ Leaves no residue on plastic parts

POLISHANGEL ® | Carnaubaflockencreme™ | CONTOUR contains fine Carnauba flakes which supplies the paint pores with the sufficient oils and nutrients. Gentle emollients exfoliate old layers of wax and debris, creating a unique a smoothness ready for the sealing layer of FAMOUS.


1. Shake well before use

2. Apply by machine or hand

  a. By hand: Use product sparingly and apply in a over lapping circular motion with light to medium pressure.

  b. By machine: We recommend using a fine/finishing pad. Apply small amount of product to pad and work at a slow to medium speed

3. Buff off residue with a clean microfibre