• Perfect "wet" look
  • Up to 12 months of protection
  • Extremely easy application
  • High film Hardness ensures wash and scratch resistance
  • Weather and UV protection

MASTER SEALANT is an easy to use premium paint sealant. It's high-quality is clear with the fine level of gloss it produces and paint slickness similar to that of a carnauba based sealing product. This masterpiece contains extreme paint sealing polymers that protects like a crystal clear ceramic layer. This finish will last up to 12 months on the paint] protecting it from all kinds of weather, including acid, water spotting and offers an intense UV protection. 


  1. Apply a thin layer by applicator pad or machine
  2. Let cure for 20 minutes
  3. Once cured, buff off with a clean towel


After sealing layer is buffed off, leave up to 30 minutes before re-layering and then a further two hours for product harden. Avoid contact with sunlight and water during this time.